Preventing Waterfront Erosion

Waterfront2Shoreline properties will have a tendency to erode over time due to harsh weather or high tides, especially if the banks are not well protected. We have been helping our customers protect their shoreline from eroding into the water while also improving the landscaping of their property. We can help save your waterfront property by placing beautifully landscaped rocks and planting vegetation along the eroded bank. Let us turn your shoreline into a spectacular and functional area that will improve the beauty of your property.

Shoreline erosion is an issue that’s becoming more common than ever before. Harsh rains and high tides continue to wash away banks that are leading to the ocean. Waves crashing up underneath the banks of your property will eventually cut out enough soil that the bank will end up caving in or falling down. Additionally, the harsh rains flowing downward from your property will eventually lead to eroding down over the banks. Over time this leads to soil washing out underneath stumps, trees falling, views being disrupted, and loss of yard frontage.

We have been helping our customers protect their valuable shorelines and views for many years. After meeting with the customers on site, we start the permitting process, which is an application to the DEP. This application goes into great detail about the description of work, site analysis, photographs of erosion, etc. Once approved, we then bring the equipment and materials to the site and get started.

Our excavators have experienced working from both the top and bottom of the banks to shape the slopes. We have mats or timbers that we lay down on the beach or any other delicate areas for the excavator to crawl over to access the work. We then haul in boulders to strategically place along the slope of the bank to prevent further erosion. Creating planting pockets in between rocks for shrubs to grow helps to stabilize the slopes. In some cases, we have placed granite steps in between the rocks for customers to have a nice, peaceful walk down to their beach. Once the work is done on the shoreline we haul away access materials and clean up the area so it doesn’t look like an excavator was ever there.

If your property is eroding then don’t delay, we can help you retain it while you still can. Call or email us to set up an appointment.