As a provider of a wide range of aggregate products, we understand the necessity of high quality. Whether you need stone for drainage, gravel for roads, or soil for planting, we have what you need to get the job done. You will find that we coordinate well with our customers to promptly get the product in stock or promptly deliver it to your job. Call us today for pricing!


Our gravel products have the qualities needed to stay compacted and drain properly when installed correctly.

We provide the following aggregate products:

  • Screened Gravel – Processed over a 1″ screen, used for sub-base and driveway topping
  • 3″ Minus Gravel – Processed over a 3″ screen, used for sub-base and driveway topping
  • 6″ Minus Gravel – Processed over a 6″ screen, used for driveway or road base
  • Screened Sand – Processed over a 1/2″ screen, used to cover utility pipes
  • Rotten Rock – Naturally processed & screened granite, used for driveway topping
  • Acadia Mix – A blue/grey material that compacts well for driveways or walkways

Stone & Rock

Stone can be used for drainage purposes or walkways and driveways.

We provide the following stone products:

  • 3/8″ Pea Stone – Multi-color round stone for walkways, driveways, or garden paths
  • Stone Dust – A perfect base for patio and stonework with superior compaction
  • 6″-8″ Rip Rap – Used for bank retention and larger streambeds

1/2″ Crushed Stone | 3/4″ Crushed Stone | 1 1/2″ Crushed Stone

Used for driveways, walkways, drip edges, and other forms of drainage


Having healthy soil as a foundation for your garden or lawn area is crucial for steady growth.

We provide the following products:

  • Regular Loam – Topsoil and compost for lawn and garden areas
  • Super Soil – Regular Loam base with peat moss, mainly used for garden areas
  • Premium Organic Super Soil – Made with organic compost
  • Bark Mulch – Dark brown shredded mulch
  • All Natural Erosion Control Mulch – Chipped brush and stumps that controls erosion in disturbed areas