Foundations & Slabs

Excavation foundations and preparing slabs is an important step in determining the strength of your house. We have worked with landowners, towns, and commercial builders to construct house sites. Excavation full foundations, footings, frost walls, or setting frost posts are common excavation services that we provide.

Ditching & Drainage

Good drainage is important in keeping roads in good shape. To have a successful road that will hold against heavy rains, it is crucial to have functioning ditches. It is expensive to continually grade roads and add gravel when the road’s problem is really the water not running into ditches. We can shape your ditches to have water flow run away from your road or driveway, which will help prevent potholes and erosion from happening.

Shoreline Stabilization

Eroding shorelines is becoming a common problem for many homeowners living on the beautiful coast of Maine. Harsh rains and rising tides have tendencies to wash away the steep banks along the coastline. We have been working with homeowners and the Department of Environmental Protection to help protect their property by stabilizing it. By placing rock boulders or building rock walls along with sloping the banks and creating vegetation, your shoreline can withstand Maine’s severe weather. Save your property while you still have it!

Septic Systems

Installing septic systems is a service we have provided for over four decades. We have worked with homeowners, contractors, septic designers, and municipalities to develop septic solutions that will work well. Anything from installing new septic systems, diagnosing problems with existing systems, and repairing older systems, you name it, and we can help.

Land & Lot Clearing

New roads or house sites with trees and other vegetation need to be cleared and prepped for further construction. We can cut trees, dig up stumps and other vegetation and haul them away to a licensed facility where they will be recycled into mulch. We would then prepare the land for the new development by grading and shaping it to drain.

Building Demolition

Demolishing a building needs a large excavator and an experienced operator that can safely remove it. We have both. Tearing down a structure is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether it’s a large stand-alone building or a structure connected with a building that you would like to keep, we can safely remove it and haul it away. We can even supply the demolition containers for the project.

Excavation & Ground Work

We have excavators in different sizes with different capabilities to meet a wide range of projects’ needs. If it involves moving the Earth, we can help! It is our goal to bring our customers the highest value on time and budget.