Walkways & Patios

Adding a flagstone walkway can transform the look of your yard’s landscaping. A rectangular flagstone walkway or patio can create an organized look with straight lines. Curved or irregular patterns can leave spaces between the stones for planting or smaller stones to fill in between.

Granite Cobblestones

We install cobblestones to line the edges of walkways that have a gravel or stone base. Cobblestones can also be used to divide plant bed lines from lawns, and other applications include walkways and courtyards.

Granite Walls & Rock Walls

Building a granite or retaining wall is a perfect solution to holding back soil that is falling or eroding. Standalone rock walls made from round rocks or cut pieces of granite are a creative dividing line for landscapes.

Granite Steps

Granite steps can be a great addition to your walkway or entrance to your home. If you choose rough-cut granite or smooth granite steps, we can match it to your new or existing walkway.


We have worked with homeowners to create landscaping they will enjoy for years to come. If you would like us to plant trees, shrubs, or any other plant type, we can make it look beautiful. We can even supply the topsoil and the bark mulch to go with it.