Driveways That Impress

The first impression of a property is the look of the driveway and that’s why choosing the right topping is so important. We provide many options for our customers to make the right presentation for their estate.

Screened gravel is a brown colored gravel that contains 1” minus rock that packs very well. It is dug out of our pit and processed over a 1” screen and is used mainly for driveway toppings but also can be used as a base for paving. It is a less expensive processed material that will do the job well and keep the cost lower when the driveway needs maintenance in years to come. Our screened gravel is most popular driveway topping and is used for any size road, driveway, or parking area.

Rotten Rock is gravel that is naturally processed granite and is a very attractive driveway topping. It provides great curb appeal with its brown and pinkish contrasts and it is easily maintained. This product is also screened over a 1” screen and is typically used for roads, driveways, and walkways. Although slightly more expensive then screen gravel, it provides an eye-catching look with its unique color.

If you are looking for both function and looks then Chip Dust might be the right choice. It packs as well as anything we offer and can withstand heavy rains better then other types of gravel. It is a grey and blue color that looks exceptionally well as a driveway topping or walkway. Chip Dust is processed over a screen that leaves very fine aggregate and is mixed with chips that are approximately 3/8”. This topping maintains itself very well and doesn’t allow for much growth from weeds.

Other options for driveway and road toppings include Recycled Asphalt, which packs exceptionally well and can be used on roads with a steep slope. We provide ½” and ¾” Crushed Stone, which customers have used in areas that are seasonal (camp roads) or in areas that do not drain well.

Stop into our office and see the different aggregates that we provide. We sell many of our materials at our office and customers are welcome to purchase in quantities as small as a 5-gallon bucket for only $2.